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What is health cooperative insurance?

The health cooperative model (also called a co-op) is a health insurance option owned and run by the healthcare provider and by members (who join to receive benefits).

Members of the co-op pay membership fees and Quaterly premiums(between Ugx 10,000-20,000 each member), and  receive medical care anytime. Bethesda uses the premiums to keep a good supply of medicine, and to pay the staff on time. Both measures help improve the quality of care that patients receive. This is a win-win partnership that increases provider financial cost recovery and members’ access to quality care, thus improving health outcomes.

how does it work?

We register members of already existing groups. Health coop insurance is based on shared risk where all members in an existing group with their households contribute small amounts of shillings or premium to the Bethesda. Whoever falls sick can then use part of that premium for treatment.

This applies to different groups oin our community such as SACCOs, women groups, burial groups, organisations, religious groups, Schools, etc. However, each of these groups should have already established leadership and membership structure and rules.

Staff during the community group training about cooperative health insurance

Benefits for patients

Less financial risk

Members of the co-op are protected from large health care costs. As a result, they are less likely to sell assets or borrow money to pay for care. Because they aren’t afraid of the cost of care, they are also more likely to seek care when they are sick.

Healthier habits

Members of the co-op are more likely to adopt preventive care habits – habits that can help prevent sickness. They are more likely to have hand-washing stations in their homes. And pregnant women are significantly more likely to sleep under bed nets.

Do you or your group wish to join?

Reach out to us for more details on registration.

Credit to HealthPatners Uganda and USAID for Support in offering this service

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